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Customers can enjoy handmade Ni-hachi soba noodles made with rare Shizuoka vegetables and seafood tempuras in this world gourmet guide award restaurant

Nihonbashi Sonoji is a world gourmet guide award tempura restaurant which opened in October 2016 after relocating from Shizuoka to Nihonbashi, Ningyōchō, where many popular restaurants are also located. Based on the concept of combining tempura with soba, it is a popular setting for customers to not only enjoy the carefully chosen vegetables and fish tempuras, but also flavor delicious soba noodles in a place where guests and chefs frequently visit from all over the country.

The owner, Toshiyuki Suzuki, is the eldest son in a family which owns a soba restaurant called Hosojimaya, in Shimada, Shizuoka Prefecture. After graduating from culinary school, he worked at his family's for 7 years. He then trained at the Japanese restaurant Kakinoki for 2 years, and finally in 2000 he opened Nihonbashi Sonoji. After experiencing for the first time the taste of tempura from the restaurant Mikawa Zezankyo, which is run by the legendary tempura chef Tetsuya Saotome, he wanted to create a restaurant which provides soba with tempuras, and wanted to become a popular restaurant among local customers. Then, with the idea of ""wanting people in Tokyo to also be able to taste the finest vegetables and seafood tempuras which he had been handling in Shizuoka"", he relocated his restaurant to Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

The tempura uses venison and ""tendane"", along with Shizuoka's vegetables and mushrooms, and seafood from Suruga Bay. Shizuoka vegetables are hard to find in Tokyo, for example Shizuoka carrots and tamatori mushrooms, which has an abalone-like texture when exposed to heat. Taking advantage of his prior work experience, Ni-hachi soba noodles are also included on the menu, and are handmaded using buckwheat flour from Mashiko and Kawane. The sake is sourced strictly from the Omuraya brewing in his hometown, Shimada. For each season, the restaurant prepares 3-4 kinds of Japanese sake which cannot be easily found in Tokyo, such as Onna Nakase and Jyuubei sake.

The dignified interior has an 8 seat counter made from Japanese cypress wood. Compared to other high-class tempura restaurants in Tokyo, customers can enjoy tempura at a reasonable price. This restaurant can also be held for a wide range of events, such as meals with colleagues, entertaining, and anniversaries. This is an exquisite tempura restaurant where customers can enjoy the allure of Shizuoka ingredients in Tokyo.
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■ 3-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ningyōchō Station
■5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Suitengūmae Station



  • 50's

    Date of Visit: 2/2022
    2回目の予約がとれたことは僥倖でした。 椎茸や人参などの普段使いの野菜も、厳選した静岡の食材を使い、実は手の込んだこだわりぬいた最高の天ぷらをさりげなく提供してくれます。粋です。 そしてあきさせないコースなので〆のお蕎麦までお腹いっぱいでも食べられます。 わたし蕎麦好きなので、蕎麦のためだけに来たいくらい。 欠点はやはり予約がとれないことです、しかし、それはいい店だから仕方がないこと。 また頑張って訪店できるようにしたいと思います。
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With family
  • 70's

    Date of Visit: 2/2022
    大将のおもてなしに対応が素晴らしく、常連さんにも 初めてのお客さんにも変わらず接しています。 もちろん素材選びから揚げる技術も素晴らしかったです。
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Other
  • 50's

    Date of Visit: 9/2021
    高級な食材をお値段おさえて提供されていると思いますし、天ぷらはやはり技を感じました。 あとお蕎麦もおいしかったですね。むしろ個人的にh天ぷら1,2品減らしてでもお蕎麦をもっと食べたいとおもいました。難点は予約は運がよくないととれないことでしょうか、偶然とれたの今回が一期一会になりそうな予感です。
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With family





Nihonbashi Sonoji [日本橋 蕎ノ字]

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Lunch:12:00 Start (14:00 Close) Dinner: 18:30 Start(21:00 Close)※The meal will not start until everyone at the same table arrives.


Monday, The second, third Sunday


2-22-11, Nihonbashi Ningyo-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Nihonbashi Sonoji [日本橋 蕎ノ字]