Zorokuzushi Minami

22,000 JPY 〜
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Sushi which has resonated with expert skill and aesthetics

"Zorokuzushi Minami," located on the 2nd floor of a building near the Roppongi area, about a 3-minute walk along Gaien Nishi-dori from Hiroo station in Tokyo, is a sushi restaurant where the values of the owner, who studiously makes his sushi, resonate with those of his customers. Owner Sanshichi Okajima, who has been making sushi continuously for half a century, works on the principle of, “I want people to enjoy the taste of skill and aesthetics, which is the culmination of everything I’ve done until now.”

Chef-Okajima's career as a sushi chef started at "Kappo Irifune" in Ebisu, and he trained for many years at its sister restaurant, "Irifune Sushi" before setting up on his own in 1980, opening "Zorokuzushi" in Roppongi. He went on to open three restaurants in Roppongi and another in Aoyama so that he now has about 120 apprentices in total. And in 2012, he moved to the current location in Hiroo.

With his belief that “maturing and aging are different things”, Okajima controls how long a fish is allowed to lie, with a clear idea of when that fish will taste the most delicious. In addition to the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, his sources of fresh seafood include tuna directly from Sado and summer-catch salmon from Hokkaido. He makes 2 varieties of vinegared rice, using either red vinegar or rice vinegar, depending on the sushi topping and molds the sushi exquisitely, with an emphasis on a sense of balance when they are eaten. In this way, each and every piece is made with a commitment to detail and is a gift from Okajima and his dedication to sushi for half a century. His strong desire for people “to enjoy sushi” is also apparent in the selection of sake, and Okajima, himself a lover of Japanese sake, actually goes to taste meetings, selects sake and rice shochu that will go well with his sushi, and always has a selection of about 20 varieties.

The 10cm-thick Japanese cypress counter seats nine people. The interior is based on the design of a storehouse, incorporating black and white and with every nook and cranny kept impeccably clean, based on the belief in “Cleanliness even in places invisible to the customer". We want you to enjoy the finest dishes of the very highest quality, made with expert skill and aesthetics in the adult town of Hiroo. It is sure to bring a smile to the face of your date or dining partner.
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■A 3-minute walk from Hiro-o Station, Exit 1(Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)



Omakase Course
22,000 JPY / Guest



Zorokuzushi Minami [蔵六鮨 三七味(ぞうろくずし みなみ)]

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Wednesday, On the first Sunday and Third Sunday


2F, TTC Building, 4-2-48, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Zorokuzushi Minami [蔵六鮨 三七味(ぞうろくずし みなみ)]