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The counter-style Italian restaurant enchanted by seafood

In 2018, under the direction of Chef Harusada Shimizu, a white-walled free-standing restaurant called “S(esse)” opened in an Ebisu back-street clamoring with jewel-like restaurants. Chef Shimizu has 15 years of combined experience with "Acqua Pazza" Group, and he has exercised his skills for 8 years as head chef at the Italian restaurant "Mangia Pesce" in Sendagaya. The name of the restaurant comes from the first letter of four elements that the chef especially values: season, service, special and space; and of course, from Chef Shimizu’s own name.

Chef Shimizu has been captivated by fish since his time at "Mangia Pesce". The concept he wants to convey with this new venture is the magnificence of Japanese fish and the seasonal ingredients in Japanese food culture, which is one of the world’s leading fish-eating cultures. “You can sense the splendor of Japan’s four seasons through the richness of flavor in the fish that changes with the season,” he says. Ingredients are carefully selected not only from the Tsukiji Fish Market but are also received by direct delivery from Nagasaki. The seasonal prix fixe menu changes each month, based on the concept of wanting guests to enjoy an abundance of fish, and features inspired preparations of appetizers, pasta, and main dishes. Enjoy the specialties of each season, such as summer’s preparations of Ayu (sweetfish), when fish are grilled whole over a charcoal fire, dashi stock is made from the head and bones, and a sauce made from the liver accompanies house-made pasta. There is an excellent selection of Japanese wine as well as Italian wine, and an “interweaving approach” to pairing is recommended, matching food with wines from both sides. Chef Shimizu’s cuisine has a delicate Japanese nuance and an exceptional affinity with Japanese wines. An à la carte menu is offered for late-night orders, and guests who drop in unexpectedly after work are welcome.

The point of pride in the white-themed interior is the completely open kitchen so that you can watch Chef Shimizu at work. The counter curves in a gentle arc around the galley kitchen and allows the chef to interact with several people at once even while he concentrates on the best preparation for each dish. A gas stove occupies a central location so that guests can see the cooking process and appreciate the skill of the chef, and small charcoal stoves are also used. The atmosphere is that of a sophisticated space to enjoy the flow of conversation over the counter while enjoying a meal. We hope you will visit for casual dates and friendly get-togethers with good friends to enjoy Italian seafood in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.
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A 4-minute walk from Ebisu Station, Exit Nishiguchi Hibiya Homen(JR Yamanote Line)
A 4-minute walk from Ebisu Station, Exit Nishiguchi Hibiya Homen(Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)



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9,900 JPY / Guest



S(esse) [S(エッセ)]

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Sunday, Sunday


2-4-19, Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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S(esse) [S(エッセ)]