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The only branch of a famous Naples-style pizzeria in Fukuoka.

Ischia, an island in the Gulf of Naples, is said to be the birthplace of pizza. A resort spot famous for its hot springs, the island is home to a 3-generation Neapolitan pizzeria, "Pizzeria Da Gaetano." The only pizzeria in the world allowed to adopt the same name is located in Fukuoka.

The owner-chef Tomohide "Tommy" Shitama moved to Italy in 2004, where he studied under expert pizza chef Gaetano Fazio for 6 years. He obtained permission from Gaetano to establish his own branch of the original "Pizzeria Da Gaetano" and set up shop in his native Fukuoka in 2011. He wanted to share the fun of Neapolitan pizza and pizzerias with people in Kyushu, aiming to create a restaurant with a Neapolitan atmosphere where young and old alike could discover how fun it is to visit a pizzeria.

Of the range of pizzas on offer, one we would like to particularly recommend is the "Pizza Gaetano," which is topped with rocket and smoked cheese. This unique specialty is only available at "Pizzeria Da Gaetano." The pizzeria welcomes many patrons from outside Fukuoka, and it offers a range of items made using local ingredients, including Fukuoka grown Neopolitan vegetables and Kyushu fish and meat. There is wine from all parts of Italy, but we recommend trying Ischian liqueur Rucolino. In order to share Ischian food culture with the world, "Pizzeria Da Gaetano" became the first business to import this rare liqueur. While it is traditionally enjoyed after a meal, Pizzeria Da Gaetano also offers Rucolino with soda or over ice cream as an affogato style dessert.

Everything from the pizza oven in the back of the kitchen to the Ischian ceramics and pots and the books and decorations adorning the restaurant interior is made in Italy. There are 48 seats, and the heat that flows out onto the street is evidence of the restaurant's popularity. It was included in a selection of the world's top 70 pizza restaurants published by an Italian restaurant magazine this year and is one of the most authentically Italian pizzerias in Japan.
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A 1-minute walk from Yakuin Station, Exit Nouth(Nishitetsu Tenjin Oomuta Line)



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Pizzeria Da Gaetano [Pizzeria Da Gaetano (ピッツェリア ダ ガエターノ)]

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Lunch:11:30~L.O.14:30 Dinner:17:30~L.O.21:00 (SUN)Dinner:17:00~L.O.20:00


Monday, First Tuesday of the month/Tuesdays after holidays (dinner-only on days after holidays)


1F, Paglo Yakuin, 2-7-14, Watanabedori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka

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Pizzeria Da Gaetano [Pizzeria Da Gaetano (ピッツェリア ダ ガエターノ)]