Sushi Kakizaki

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A stylish Edomae sushi restaurant in Ningyocho where the chef, with experience gained at a famous restaurant, is very particular about using natural Japanese ingredients

“Sushi Kakizaki” is located 2 minutes walk from Ningyocho Station in Nihonbashi, an area of the city with a downtown atmosphere. Owner Yuhei Kakizaki, who loves this calm town, focuses on natural Japanese ingredients to make his Edomae sushi.

Owner Kakizaki has studied at many sushi restaurants, including the long-established “Ginza Kyubei”, the sushi section of the Japanese restaurant “Nadaman”, and “Roku Roku” in the Grand Hyatt. He became independent and opened “Sushi Kakizaki” in 2008. At this restaurant, they are particular about using natural Japanese ingredients which are selected by owner Kakizaki himself from Toyosu market, where the best produce from all over Japan can be found.

The dishes on the menu that go well with alcohol, such as “Salt-grilled cutlass fish” and “Tender simmered octopus”, are popular, as well as the side dishes that can be enjoyed between sushi dishes. Their vinegared sushi rice is made from large grains of less sticky rice, which is cooked hard so that when it is placed in the mouth, it feels like it is crumbling. Their rice vinegar is finished with salt only, without adding any sugar. They have 4 types of dry Japanese sake, which have been carefully selected by owner Kakizaki. He chooses only sake that is unscented and compliments, but does not interfere with, the taste of the sushi. Shochu, champagne or white wine are also available.

The exterior of the restaurant is plastered in the same style as the outer walls, giving it a sense of unity. Inside, it features a wooden counter (8 seats), made of Japanese cypress from Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, which expresses the spirit of owner Kakizaki, and his motto, "treat people with sincerity". Surrounded by wood and plaster walls, you can relax in “Sushi Kakizaki”. You can visit for various occasions, such as special celebrations with family and friends, entertaining guests from overseas, and of course, enjoying Kakizaki-san’s delicious Edomae sushi in the stylish town of Ningyocho.

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A 2 minute walk from Ningyocho Station, Exit A3 (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Toei Asakusa Line)




Omakase Course
19,800 JPY / Guest



Sushi Kakizaki [すし柿崎(かきざき)]

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5:45pm - 10:30pm (L.O.10:00pm)


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2-8-11, Nihonbashi Ningyo-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Sushi Kakizaki [すし柿崎(かきざき)]