Azabu Sannohashi Takenami

22,000 JPY 〜
/ Guest

Seasonal cuisine and Edomae-style sushi in Minami-Azabu by a skillful chef

A 8 minute-walk from Tokyo Metro Azabu-Juban Station, “Azabu Sannohashi Takenami” is located in a quiet area away from the busy station area where people come and go. Chef Suguru Takenami has 25 to 26 years of experience training at Japanese restaurants and sushi restaurants in Tokyo. He became independent in November 2019 and opened his own sushi restaurant “Azabu Sannohashi Takenami”.

In the "Omakase Course", you can fully enjoy dishes made with seasonal ingredients and Edomae-style sushi. Ingredients are from Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Shizuoka, etc. Seafood is purchased daily at Toyosu Market. The vinegared rice, which can be said to be the key to making sushi, is made by cooking the Koshihikari rice, designated by the producer, in a pot and blending it with rice vinegar and red vinegar. The restaurant has a wide variety of wine, such as red, white and champagne, mainly French wine. There is carefully-selected seasonal sake from a reliable sake store regardless of the production area or brand. As for shochu, only rice shochu is available. The dinnerware is mainly works of modern artists, such as Bizen-ware and Kutani-ware.

The restaurant is located in a building with a tasteful appearance. When you pass through the noren, the L-shaped counter (8 seats) made of Japanese cypress stands out in the warm space, unified by wood and mud walls. There is enough space between each seats, so you will be able to relax. You can enjoy not only the food, but also the peaceful space where chef Takenami's spirit reaches together with your family, friends, dates and other important people. It is also recommended for guests from overseas.

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A 8-minute walk from “Azabu-Juban Station”, Exit 1 (Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, Toei Oedo Line)
A 7-minute walk from “Shirogane-Takanawa Station”, Exit 4 (Tokyo Metro Namboku Line)



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    Fresh ingredients, good presentation, helpful chef. Highly recommended!
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Omakase Course
22,000 JPY / Guest



Azabu Sannohashi Takenami [麻布三之橋 竹浪(あざぶさんのはし たけなみ)]

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5:30pm - 11:00pm




2-4-8, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Azabu Sannohashi Takenami [麻布三之橋 竹浪(あざぶさんのはし たけなみ)]