Onyado Fukuchiyo Souan Nabeshima

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A Japanese restaurant in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture, presented by Fukuchiyo Sake Brewery known for its Japanese sake, Nabeshima, to delight the taste buds with exclusive dishes and sake

A 40-minute drive from Saga Airport or a 10-minute drive from Hizen-Kashima Station takes you to Hizen Hamashuku, a charming historical district in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture. The place is home to Onyado Fukuchiyo Souan Nabeshima. Onyado Fukuchiyo Souan Nabeshima opened its doors in spring 2021 as the first sake brewery auberge in Japan. As the name shows, this auberge is run by Fukuchiyo Sake Brewery, which is known for Japanese sake “Nabeshima,” with a desire to create drinking opportunities for sake lovers to delve into the secrets and values of sake and enjoy the remarkable marriage of Japanese sake, food, and tableware. Overnight guests at the auberge can also enjoy the profound world of Japanese sake through a brewery tour guided by the brewmaster or brewers to visit places that are usually closed to the public and hear intriguing stories from brewers.

The restaurant is helmed by Chef Takuma Nishimura, who trained at Kagurazaka Ishikawa, a three-star restaurant, in Tokyo and then returned to his hometown of Fukuoka to further hone his culinary skills at the one-star Restaurant Sola. When Onyado Fukuchiyo Souan Nabeshima opened in March 2021, he was offered the position of Chef at the restaurant because of his passion and perfection in cookery.
The 12-course menu curated by Chef Nishimura features selective ingredients not only from Saga Prefecture but also from all the other prefectures in Kyushu. Other menus also feature local ingredients throughout the four seasons, mostly from devoted producers around Kyushu who have personal ties with Chef Nishimura. The chef-selected menu changes every one and a half months, along with the paired sake menu that features different varieties of Nabeshima.
The drink menu is built around Japanese sake. All the seven varieties of Nabeshima, selected from 26 to 27 varieties to make the menu of the month, go well with the dishes. Exclusive varieties of Nabeshima which are not on the market are also available at this restaurant.

The collection of tableware deserves special attention, including Arita ware and Karatsu ware crafted by renowned and young ceramic artists, historical old Karatsu ware and old Imari ware originated from Saga, and antique glassware from abroad. They are carefully selected to match the 230-year-old, traditional, elegant building with a thatched roof. The building is shared with an auberge called Onyado Fukuchiyo. It is worth visiting with your friends, family, partner, or coworkers. Please enjoy Japanese sake “Nabeshima” along with delicious dishes and beautiful tableware to celebrate the bounty of Saga Prefecture.

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A -10 minutes walk from JR Nagasaki Main Line Hizaehama Station Exit



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Omakase Course
24,200 JPY / Guest



Onyado Fukuchiyo Souan Nabeshima [御宿 富久千代 草庵 鍋島]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

Dinner 17: 00 All together starts


Monday, Tuesday


乙2420-1, Hamacho, Kashima City, Saga


Onyado Fukuchiyo Souan Nabeshima [御宿 富久千代 草庵 鍋島]