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We introduce 6 restaurants run
by chefs who trained at the top-class French restaurant Quintessence
and then went independent

About Quintessence

Quintessence is an elegant, high-end French restaurant located in Shinagawa・Gotenyama. Since the publication of the Tokyo edition of a world-class gourmet guidebook in 2008, it has accomplished the tremendous achievement of gaining a 3-star rating for 12 consecutive years, and it shines in 20th place in the 2016 edition of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants.

100 percent omakase style

Omakase courses, where the customer leaves all menu decisions up to the chef, allow you to enjoy lunch and dinner created from nothing but fresh ingredients purchased on the day. Quintessence’s owner–chef is Shuzo Kishida, an awesome chef who is attracting international attention.Quintessence is distinctive for its 100 percent omakase style, something that has not changed since the day it first opened for business.The restaurant is committed to 100 percent omakase precisely because of its concern about maintaining quality and pursuing the essence of the food.
Kishida chef says

As a professional chef who knows what is the most delicious ingredients of the day, it is not possible to make the dish after the customer orders, but having the feeling that I want this person to enjoy this dish that is made from this ingredient all the way from the morning. Think about it, if you spend time and make the dishes according to the visiting time of each person, you can create good dish. That is no doubt. I can promise that. As with the a la carte, even if the ingredient is not the best on the day, you still have to make it because you have that on the menu. It is impossible to offer really delicious dishes in that way. Don’t you think it is nonsense? That’s why “Quintessence” serves “complete Omakase”. Otherwise, you can not deliver delicious items.

Representation of Japanese Famous gourmet guide 3-star restaurant, showcases of the Chef's true worth
— a must-place to visit at least once in your lifetime.

Chef Kishida's magnificent cooking

As a well-established one,Quintessence achieved Famous gourmet guide three-star award continuously over the last 12 years.This is the origin of Chef Kishida's close attention to three aspects: "Produit (ingredients)", "Cuisson (cooking)", and "Assaisonner (seasoning)".Although it is said that securing a reservation here is extremely difficult, people should visit this restaurant at least once in their lifetime.

Introducing well-known restaurants
by chefs who trained at Quintessence

We are pleased to introduce restaurants run by chefs who went
independent after training at Quintessence.
These are all restaurants that shine with the brilliance of the chef,
who has made the absolute most of his training experience.

Well-known restaurants by chefs who trained at Quintessence

  • Abysse

    A few minutes’ walk from Minami-Aoyama・Gaienmae is Abysse, a rare kind of French restaurant specializing in seafood.
    After working at a three-star restaurant in France・Marseille, Chef Meguro went on to train at the Japanese three-star restaurant Quintessence, before finally going independent. Customers can enjoy the exquisite Mariage of wine with this Quintessence-trained chef’s skillful cooking.

    Tokyo Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, 4-9-9 AOYAMA TMI 1FLearn More

    The only restaurant serving Italian cuisine among those we introduce here is OGASAWARA RESTAURANT. This is a private dining establishment run by Mr. and Mrs. Ogasawara, who moved from Futakotamagawa to Araki-cho. Chef Ogasawara has experience training at Quintessence and AROMA FRESCA and has a strong commitment to a clean space and impeccable cooking.

    Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Araki-cho, 6-39 GARDEN TREE B1FLearn More
  • L’orgueil

    L’orgueil is a hideaway spot in Minami-Aoyama・Gaienmae. Based on his experience training at France・Champagne, Chef Kase creates exquisite dishes with an emphasis on their Mariage with Champagne. This is a Gastronomic restaurants where young talent and sophisticated techniques shine.

    Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 4-3-23 Oriental Minami Aoyama 201Learn More

    L’ALGORITHME is a counter-style French restaurant located in Shirokanedai. The talented Chef Fukaya worked in various restaurants in Paris and Tokyo, including L'ecrin Ginza, before becoming sous-chef at Quintessence. All parts of the equation—the food, the wine, the space, and the service—have been put together carefully.

    Minato-ku, Tokyo platinum 6-5-3 Sakura platinum 102Learn More

Enjoy the Creation and presentation of this Famous gourmet guide-starred French restaurant.

“Florilege” is a Famous gourmet guide 2-star restaurant which also in the selection of “Asia's 50 Best Restaurants”.Chef Kawate got his experiences in Tokyo’s most famous restaurants such as “Le Bourguignon”(Famous gourmet guide 1 star) in Roppongi and “Quintessence” (Famous gourmet guide 3 stars) in Gotenyama, becoming one of the world most famous chef with his own impaction in this field.

A new style known as "Gastronomic counter seats"

We want you to experience Chef Kawate’s“cuisine that acts out the beauty of Japan”in a new style of known as "Gastronomic counter seats".

Beyond Famous gourmet guide-starred French restaurants- pleasant, attractive French・Nordic Cuisine

"Crony", produced by Mr. Ozawa, had been the manager of Famous gourmet guide 3 star restaurant "Quintessence" for several years. Based on French cuisine, develops a new style of dishes with the space and service combines Scandinavia and North America elements.

The contents of the course changes almost every 2 months

The chef is Mr.Haruta, who trained at different distinguished restaurants around the world including Quintessence.
"Crony" legend is so interesting that makes you willing to oversee the process of its fine evolution upon the changing of seasons.


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