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Traveling Around the World for Food ;
supertastermel’s 10 Restaurant Picks

"Full Appreciation for Delicacies in Life"

Melissa Tse.
As a foodie influencer from Hong Kong who loves photography and delicious food, Melissa is also an OAD※ reviewer.
※OAD(Opinionated About Dining)
OAD is a dining survey where over 5,000 haute-diners post thoughts and share their reviews.

“Traveling Around the World for Food”

Melissa’s favorite city in the world is San Sebastián in Spain, where she was amazed by various high-quality food, ranging from pintxo seafood to high-end restaurants. When it comes to the best thing she’s ever ate - the best wagyu steak she had was at Shima in Tokyo and the best prawns was the Palamós prawn at Asador Etxebarri in Spain. Besides these, she is also a big fan of spicy food, such as spicy hotpot, curry and Sichuan food.
One of the Best Meals was the
6-Hour Lunch at a 3-Star Restaurant

Melissa had the chance to have a 6-hour lunch at Alain Passard’s private garden in Normandy, where Mr. Passard grows his own vegetables for his 3-star restaurant L’Arpège. According to Melissa, the lunch was “one of the most amazing culinary experiences” in her life.

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Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros
A progressive French restaurant by a 3-star chef who is influenced by Japanese food culture

The well-known restaurant Troisgros has been successfully managed by the Troisgros family for three generations in Roanne, France and despite its relocation, it has maintained 3 stars for the last 50 years. The only restaurant outside of France to be arranged by the third generation chef, Michel Troisgros, is “Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros.” It has been receiving 2 stars for 12 years since 2017.


Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros is a 2-star contemporary French restaurant overseen by renowned Chef Michel Troigros of Maison Troisgros in France which has maintained its 3-star status for over 45 years.

The Executive Chef in Tokyo is Guillaume Bracaval who has worked at esteemed restaurants in France including L'Arpege, Ledoyen, L'Ambroisie and of course Maison Troisgros. The dining room draws inspirations from both Japanese and French designs by using all natural materials and walnut wood to imitate the peacefulness of the French countryside, and it is especially pleasing during the day time. Although the cuisine is based on traditional French culinary techniques, the food at Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros is not heavy at all but rather light and well-balanced with Japanese influences. Cheese lovers will be especially delighted with the extensive cheese collection which is wheeled out on a cart for diners to choose from!


Ginza Toyoda
A Japanese restaurant where you can taste the 4 seasons of Japan, awarded 2 stars for 6 consecutive years

Namiki-dori street in Ginza is the battlefield for famous restaurants in Tokyo. “Ginza Toyoda”, the city’s oasis where you can forget the bustle of Tokyo, is only 3-minute walk from Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. It has been receiving 2 stars for 6 consecutive years. It is a Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy Chef Okamoto’s presentation of Japan’s 4 seasons.


Ginza Toyoda is a 2-star kaiseki restaurant located right in the middle of Ginza.

Chef Kennichi Okamoto trained in Kansai and the food is simple and unpretentious - similar with the decor at the restaurant. Sit at the counter to watch the chef in action or in one of the private rooms which faces the streets in Ginza. The attentive service and elegant atmosphere at Ginza Toyoda makes for a nice escape from the bustling neighborhood.


A famous 3-star well-established Kyoto restaurant with 450 years of history

Hyotei’s history is long and could track back about 400 years ago. As a signature of Hyotei, “Hyotei Tamago (Egg)” and “Asagayu (Rice Gruel for Breakfast)” are loved by visitors from all over the world. Not too much and never too less, the hospitality, the dishes and the preparations are filled with love towards 4 seasons. Beyond the reputation of a 3-star, Hyotei is the representation of traditional restaurant of Kyoto, even of Japan.


Experience exquisite kaiseki cuisine in a traditional setting at 3-star Hyotei which was founded as a tea shop serving travelers who were on their way to the Nanzenji temple more than 400 years ago!

The restaurant is most famous for their soft-boiled eggs which were seen as a rare and luxurious item back then. If you want to try their famous tamago without going for the full meal, Hyotei also serves breakfast in an adjacent building. Upon arrival for our meal, we were led through a picturesque garden to our own private tatami room with a sliding door that opened up into the garden. Each of the rooms were independently built which had been carefully preserved and I certainly felt like I was stepping back in time as I was enjoying my meal in the rustic tea room.


Innovative French cuisine born from artistic intuition and analysis

L’Effervescence only serves one kind of course for lunch and for dinner. In contrary to the innovative appearance of the dishes, the fresh aroma of herbs and the flavor of fresh ingredients refresh your palate. By cooking seasonal ingredients for a long time at low temperature, the chef brings out the natural flavors.


Not only was the food creative and impressive, the service was superb from start to finish at 2-star L'Effervescence.

The Chef Shinobu Namae has worked at Michel Bras TOYA Japon and Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck in UK before opening up his own restaurant in 2010. As the winner of the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants' Sustainable Restaurant Award, the chef demonstrates his commitment to the environment and natural resources.The cuisine here is very much modern French using prime Japanese ingredients with a playful take on the food and seasons. The gorgeous dining room and intimate atmosphere is also perfect for special occasions and celebrations - I celebrated my birthday here a few years ago and it is still one of my favorite dining experiences in Japan!


A new Japanese-style restaurant beyond genre.

"La BOMBANCE”, a hidden gem in Nishi-Azabu, offers new Japanese-style cuisine that does not limit to Japanese genre. "We want to create cuisine using seasonal ingredients from Japan that will remain in customers' hearts", said Mr. Okamoto. The restaurant only serves one course menu that changes every month.


Headed by Chef Makoto Okamoto, La Bombance serves "New Japanese Cuisine" which combines both Japanese and French elements.

The restaurant serves one tasting menu that changes every month where diners can expect creative fusion dishes such as the signature chawanmushi (Japanese steamed egg custard) with foie gras and shark fin. The unconventional style extends beyond the food with a chic ambiance and casual atmosphere.


Restaurant La Cime
Experience French cuisine beyond your imagination.

“Restaurant La Cime” is a refined restaurant set up in Hommachi, known as Osaka’s office district, where you can enjoy French cuisine. Chefs and foodies from near and far visit the restaurant to experience the unique, unbridled dishes created by Chef Yusuke Takada, which have earned him 2 stars.


The 2-star La Cime in Osaka is highly popular with international foodies and chefs alike, having been awarded #17 and Highest New Entry on the 2018 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Serving modern French cusine, Chef Yusuke Takada likes to incorporate ingredients from his birthplace Amami Island, which lies between Kyushu and Okinawa. Eating at La Cime is an exciting affair as the chef uses bold combinations of ingredients which are carefully balanced at the same time.


Shinbashi Sasada
Enjoy simple yet dedicate starred traditional Japanese cuisine made by the skilled owner-chef

Shinbashi Sasada is located on the street not far from the Toranomon business district. Guests will be greeted warmly in this neat and cozy restaurant with 8 counter-seat and 2 private rooms with tables.


Shinbashi Sasada is a 1-star kappo restaurant where the chef had trained for years at the famous kaiseki restaurant Kyo Aji!

Kappo-style cuisine falls somewhere between traditional kaiseki and casual izakaya, and it's a great way to try traditional Japanese cuisine showcasing the flavors of the season. The meal at Sasada is an enjoyable affair as Chef Sasada is very hospitable and the dining atmosphere was lively with mostly locals around us at the counter. That is the beauty of eating in Japan - there are tons of hidden gems that may not be on the radar and are waiting to be discovered.


Sushi Karashima
A sushi restaurant dedicated to “dashi,” ingredients and food producers

"Sushi Karashima" is located in Akasaka, some distance away from the downtown area of Fukuoka / Hakata. The young owner-chef, Hiroshi Karashima, set his mind on a career as an expert sushi chef from an early age, and set out on his training in the art of Japanese cuisine.


Only 31 years old, the head chef Hiroshi Karashima trained at renowned Kimoto and then Sushi Yasukichi in Fukuoka for just 2 years.

Fueled by his passion and aided by his father who is also a long-time sushi chef, Karashima San is very talented given the creativity and skills demonstrated in his tsumami and nigiri. The young rising star is one to watch and his restaurant is definitely a must-try in Fukuoka.


Sushi Ryusuke
Modern delightful sushi, with the mastery of establishment inheritance

A single, unvarnished plain wood 7-seat counter; a symbol of the select few allowed seating facing this artisan master. Chef Ryusuke Yamane, a longtime anchor for the renowned sushi establishment Kyubei, decided to go independent in 2015. But ever since, thanks to his artful sushi exuding dignity, and doctrine for bringing the utmost joy to his guests in the limited time and space they share, Sushi Ryusuke’s eminence has only grown higher.


The Chef Ryusuke Yamame had trained at renowned Ginza Kyubey which is a bit of sushi institution in Tokyo where former graduates have gone on to open highly successful restaurants including Sushi Saito.

The restaurant was hard to find at first as it was tucked away in a basement but when you do find it, you will find yourself at an intimate counter in front of the friendly chef. Although there are many choices for sushi in Ginza, the chef is forging his own style by alternating between white or red rice depending on the fish.


Sushisho Masa
A 7 counter-seat only sushi restaurant for those seeking for real sushi

Sushi restaurant Sushi-Sho Masa is located close to Nishi-Azabu crossing. It is distinguished by its bright red doorway curtain. The owner-chef in charge of the 7 counter-seat restaurant is Masakatsu Oka, who came from the famous Sushi-Sho in Yotsuya. He carries himself with such energy that he has deeply invigorated the atmosphere of the entire restaurant.


There are a few "schools" of sushi in Tokyo - one of which is the famous Sushi Sho in Yotsuya created by Chef Keiji Nakazawa.

The Sho-style sushi is known for its focus on aging of fish especially with maguro, use of red and white vinegar rice with different types of fish, and alternating between tsumami and nigiri. Sushi Sho Masa is opened by one of Chef Nakazawa's apprentice Chef Masakatsu Oka who stays true to the Sho-style. Go hungry though because its omakase course can sometimes exceed over 40 pieces. The service is really foreigner friendly with staff that can speak English and Mandarin.


Information is as of 13th March, 2019.

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