Sushi Asazuma

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Mejiro's traditional Edomae sushi that is kept with the family

Sushi Asazuma is 2-minute walk from JR Mejiro Station. In the industry for 30 years, Yoshiro Asazuma was the head chef at a sushi restaurant in a famous foreign hotel. He became independent in November 2017 with the goal to create "a space where anyone can enjoy a moment of sushi without being nervous."

Owner-chef Asazuma was born in 1965 and started working as a sushi chef after working part-time at a sushi restaurant in high school. He trained at the Shinjuku Hilton Hotel Sushi Misushi for 6 years and served as the assistant head chef at a sushi restaurant in Araki-cho for 7 years. After that, he went to Taiwan and taught sushi techniques to local sushi chefs for two years. After returning to Japan, he served as head chef at Shirogane washoku restaurant Hokian for 10 years and Sushi Arita in Ritz-Carlton Tokyo for 3 years.

Owner-chef Asazuma has developed his skills as a sushi chef by expanding his activities to various places in Japan and overseas. He makes Edo-style sushi that values tradition and freshness. Ingredients are carefully selected at Toyosu market. In the monthly Omakase Course, the seasonal ingredients are used in a variety of dishes such as soup, grilled dishes, sashimi, simmered dishes and nigiri sushi. They have around 10 types of Japanese sake and 4 types of white wine. The alcohol selection brings out the best of the sushi.

"I wanted to make a sushi restaurant that my wife and son could also handle." said owner-chef Asazuma. Instead of the downtown area, the calm Mejiro was chosen as the stage. The small handprints of his son glitter red on the clear white noren (a curtain hung at the entrance). This is the landmark of Sushi Asazuma.

The stylish and comfortable interior that is unified with Yoshino cypress has 6 counter seats as well as a private room (8 seats). The restaurant is based on his wish that people with children can enjoy sushi leisurely. It is a space where you can relax and enjoy sushi without feeling stiff. You should definitely use it for dates and anniversary celebrations. The warm and generous atmosphere that owner-chef Asazuma creates with his family is the attraction of Sushi Asazuma.

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A 2-minute walk from Mejiro Station. (JR Yamanote Line)




13,200 JPY / Guest



Sushi Asazuma [鮨あさづま]

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Opening hours

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Monday, Irregular Holidays


Mejiro Hikarihaitsu 102, 3-14-18, Meziro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

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Sushi Asazuma [鮨あさづま]