Ginza Fujiyama

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A 1-star Japanese restaurant in Ginza, with the essence of Kyoto reflected in the restaurant space and at the core of the techniques and arrangements used to create its cuisine

“Ginza Fujiyama” is where brilliant owner chef, Takao Fujiyama, showcases his skills. It is a Japanese restaurant located on the 7th floor of a building in Ginza 3-chome. When you step into the restaurant, you will find a dignified Japanese atmosphere that will remind you of Kyoto.

Owner Fujiyama has had an exceptional career. At the age of 18, he began cooking at Kiyamachi, Kyoto City and joined "Wakuden" at the age of 24. Three years later at the age of 32, he was appointed as the chef of “Muromachi Wakuden” and of “Wakuden Kodai-ji Temple”. After that, he assumed the position of the head chef and left "Wakuden", where he served for 20 years. He then decided to leave Kyoto, and move to Tokyo. Fujiyama wanted to utilize his wealth of talent and experience for a restaurant of his own. In March 2019, he opened “Ginza Fujiyama” and removed the "Wakuden" sign as "I wanted to show myself how far I could go with my name".

The concept of “Ginza Fujiyama” is simply to make use of good ingredients. Based on the Kyoto cuisine method cultivated over many years, he changed his approach and interpretation of the ingredients, and added his own personal style. For example, if it's a conger pike, it can be grilled or served raw, so Fujiyama's style is very interesting. Ingredients are mainly from Kyoto and Kansai, where people are very familiar with vegetables, fish and water. "I want to try using various ingredients without being too particular about the production area even though they need to have the same taste and feel as those used in Kyoto cuisine," owner Fujiyama said. They have around 10 types of Japanese alcoholic drinks such as Japanese sake from the Kansai area like Kyoto, and around 10 types of wine, primarily champagne and white wine. They have a wide range of flavors and prices to match the various dishes they serve.

The interior is based on the Sukiya-zukuri style and gives you the feeling of being in Kyoto. In order to choose real high-quality wood and arrange it so that it would compliment their style of food, the building is a new style of Sukiya with western wood. The counter (up to 9 seats), which is made of American redwood, has a stylish design with a raised grain. The chairs are vintage from the mid-1900s by Danish furniture designer Niels O. Møller. The alcove pillar in the private room (2 rooms with 4 seats) is made of waste wood that owner Fujiyama found and designed like a piece of modern art and can be used by up to 8 people. Please visit the new world of Kyoto cuisine that “Ginza Fujiyama” has to offer, as a place to have a relaxing dinner with family, friends and colleagues, and also as a place to entertain overseas guests.

※ Awarded 1 star on world-renowned gourmet guide Tokyo 2023.

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A 4-minute walk from "Ginza" Station, Exit A 11 (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)



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    Date of Visit: 3/2021
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With Colleagues
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    Date of Visit: 12/2020
    Number of visits: 2+Purpose: Business dinner



Seasonal Course
48,000 JPY / Guest



Ginza Fujiyama [銀座ふじやま]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

5:00pm - 9:00pm (L.O.)


No holiday, Irregular Holidays


3-3-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Ginza Fujiyama [銀座ふじやま]